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magda says hello

This is a portfolio of my work as a programming teacher, developer and creative hardware enthusiast. 

 Magda Poppins. Developer, teacher and hardware enthusiast.

Magda Poppins. Developer, teacher and hardware enthusiast.

Feature 1

I started dabbling around with computers when my student guidance counsellor signed me up for a course in programming for teachers. One thing lead to another, and 10 months later I found myself at the Malmö train station with all my belongings in 2 humongous IKEA bags, ready to start my first job as a full-stack developer in the morning... 

There is no such thing as an average week in tech. New projects and changing needs of employers keep me busy at work, and evenings and weekends are quickly filled with after works, meetups and project groups. I have decided to engage myself in teaching and inspiring other women to fearlessly approach tech and enjoy the creative problem solving processes that it provides through initiatives such as Rails Girls, Femme Inspiration and Pink Programming.  



Feature 3

You can find all my projects on GitHub.  I am also an active tweeter and LinkedIn user - catch me there for a chat. 

Working with open source? I regularly contribute to open source projects as part as my professional development. Catch me and tell me about your project and needs.




EXCEL VBA - Learning!

Made something

Ruby on Rails - testing

// Winter 2017-2018

I dabbled around with Angular4 in the Seeing-Ducks project, a webUI job application task.

Dug myself into System.IO (in ASP.NET Core) through reading and writing local files in the FileDragon sample.


// Autumn 2017

Learning how to create RESTful API services in ASP.NET Core. Sample REST test

Studied some more TSQL >> notes here.

Tried out some PHP for one of my job tasks.

Made my first unit tests in C#.


// Summer 2017

Learn MVC - a MVC Website for learning to use MVC in web development. Published in the Azure cloud. 

Hosted a Code in the Dark -event at Academy, check out our modified editor (original software is (c) Code in the Dark)! 

Round 1, Round 2,

In June I was working together with KuuselaMedia for some of their customer projects, where I made wordpress.org-sites in child themes using among other things WooCommerce tools to create a platform for an online store. I also made a site for a driving school. 

M-J Kauppi - Cleaning devices online

Ajo-Opisto - A driving school in Hyvinkää


// Spring 2017

The Color Palette Ruby on Rails test application.

Check out Dungeons of Doom and other strange projects in my GitHub.


 Skillshare workshop materials from the Intro to Web -course.

Skillshare workshop materials from the Intro to Web -course.


Mentor at Pink Programming Malmö (ongoing)

Boost Summer of Programming 2017

Flipped classroom teacher. (Materials coming up soon!)

Mentor at Rails Girls Helsinki 2018

HTML, CSS AND JS - Coming soon!